It’s always about learning

Well – I had a problem today which made my nerves up to something really bad.

I’ve wanted to put contactform7 into my wordpress-theme and I also wanted to gave them some parameters with these special short-tags

so I had these ones: [_post_title] and [_post_url] and always when I submitted the form these tags for itself showed up and not the input I wanted.

I searched for 3 hours now and now I got it.

It’s maybe not the best solution but it works somehow.

I want to put my contactform after every article in single view so you’ve got to put the shortcode tag into single.php:

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[contact-form-7 id="xx" title="xx"]'); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>;

the shortcode tag has to be in a loop so wordpress can get the information somehow – dunno why but it’s like it.

The last problem I’ve got to fight with is that my mails aren’t UTF-8 encoded. I’ll work on that tomorrow, but for interested people I found this
link – tell me if it was helpfull!

contactform7 UTF8-Solution