To be selfemployed

Well a month ago I started being self-employed and it’s totally great. You can choose which projects you’ll work on and how long it’ll take and at the end you see what you’ve done and you’re some kinda proud of yourself, that you finished everythin for the good of your customers and they are happy with you, that you’ve done everything they wanted.

Sometimes I had a work day about 18hours, but that didn’t matter at all, so I knew what I was doing it for. I got used to that and I decided to develop my own internet-agency, which’s called „Eberlei-Datenservice“. The domain is set but for now I got to find some designers to develop my design, so I’m not a designer so far. But I’m looking forward to all the stuff which comes with self-employment.

Also I’ve got a meeting with some lawyers, for all the stuff you need to know about AGB, offers and contracts. I’m really glad that I did this step. 🙂


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