The Gallery Plugin – Again! :<

okay, found an example for what I’m looking for.
The journey I’ll take now is for implementing this galleryview in wordpress.
May write my own plugin for this? xD

found it on here:


About the WordPress Gallery

Alright. Searched for now about 6 hours on these f*cking gallery.
After all I come to the conclusion to build it on my own. But for those cracks here in world wide web:
Please, if there’s anybody who knows about something I’m searching for – please contact me.



Searched: WordPress Gallery – Important!

Hello everybody, I’m searching for an wordpress gallery where I can have a single View image AND a list of images on one site.
Is there anything? I was searching for hours now …. 😦

It should look like this:

Also I need something for having thumbnails at the end of an article and those are leading to this gallery page with the single-thumbnail view.

Any suggestions?

Love for reply!