Exclude Tags {WP}

I want to show posts in reference of specified tags. I’ve solved this with bns-featured tag. But how can  I solve to „not display the tags“ itself(!) at the end of the post?


So I’ve got a post with the tag „interview“ and with bns-featured tag it’ll get posted. But at the end of my post I want somethign like this:
Tags: foto, weblog, video, whatever

but not „interview“!

Any suggestions?





So something like this can happen if you want to make water out of photoshop:

Looks like some kinda of these old „Alien“ creatures are bustin out of the water, though 🙂

(Open picture in new tab, for lookin at it in 100% view!)

Looking out for a present

A girlfriend of mine is going to Sudan for excavation in April and I’m looking for a present for a good journey.
Has anybody a suggestion? Thought about a sundial like armlet. Or something like that ö-Ö

No Media-Upload in WordPress 3.3

For some reason I got a blog crashed today and I wasn’t able to upload new media files to the library either to an article.

I was searchin a bit and were disabling some plugins, but it didn’t matter. So well, I just found out that I had occurrenced this problem, when I integrated a new JQuery Version on my own.

If you’ve got this problem too, just look if there are any plugins which are embedding the jquery library and gettin in conflict with the integrated core-jquery of wordpress in 3.3. or if you integrated it on your own – put it out and see, if it’ll work! 🙂



A very, very nice WordPress-Lightbox Plugin with a lot of configuration possibilities!

It is updateable, so you can use own css! and  you have varient style options in core.


Lösung zum Powermail IE7 Zeilenumbruchproblem

Der Content in den Legend-Fields läuft über die Breite hinaus.

Dies kann man fixen, in dem man in dem fieldwrap-template hinter dem legend ein

<span class="„legend“">|</span> 

einfügt und ihm folgendes css mitgibt:

*+ html .tx-powermail-pi1 .legend {width:710px;white-space:normal;display:block;}

Die legend an sich bekommt folgendes css, um auch den mozilla (3er Versionen) mitzunehmen:

{ width:100%;white-space:normal;display:block;}