Firefox 3.6 BUG and dunno really why

So. I searched feltway the whole Internet for a solution to my problem. But I haven’t found anything.

I’m currently working on a website which should be burned on CD later.

The specs are simple:

  • HTML 5
  • Nested Links
  • Solved with TYPO3

So I got a call today that the website is looking akward in FF 3.6 and I was searchin for hours how this could come, ‚cause I really did browsertesting ’nd stuff and everything looks fine in IE (9,8,7) and FF and Opera & Chrome and last but not least Safari.

The structure as follows:

<div id="sitemap">
      <a href="xxx">
        <div id="c69">

In DOM / Firebug it looks like this creeping:

    <a href="xxxxxxx">xX</a>
     <div id="c69">xxx</div>

Has anybody a solution?
I tried with JavaScript and HTML implementing and doctype and so on, also with a wrapping DIV I tried.
But nothing’s working.

And another thing is that this only happens on the second treelevel, I looked at my typoscript, but I found nothing special.
It can’t have to do with html 5 in this case, ‚cause all the other sites are working perfectly!

Here some screens:


Ein Gedanke zu “Firefox 3.6 BUG and dunno really why

  1. Alright, I just changed the rendering of the content-boxes and changed the div elements into spans, and I put the h2 into a span too. So the FF 3.6 does the rendering correctly and eventough all the other browsers. A stunning thing. – Not. I hope that containing block elements in inline-elements will be rendered correctly in future and also that the user will upgrade their browser recently so things like that won’t happen. But that’s just my Utopia 😀

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